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Injury Prevention

Have you ever wondered what we mean by Injury Prevention…or how it applies to you?

Here are a few examples of injury prevention clients we see in the clinic.

  • 8 year old female soccer player wanting to prevent ankle sprains and ACL tears
  • 12 year old baseball player who has an abnormal running gait. We work on strength, stability and gait
  • 17 years old cheerleader, working on increasing her resiliency to prevent knee, back and shoulder injuries.
  • 32 years old office worker wanting to avoid overuse neck and shoulder pain
  • 36 year old dad wanting to be able to keep up with his kids, but worried he will hurt his back like his dad
  • 40 year old who started back at the gym and isn’t sure he is doing squats, dead lifts or most of his exercises correctly
  • 47 year old recreational runner wanting to increase run duration without foot pain
  • 60 year old bus driver worried he will get the same low back and shoulder pain all his colleague have
  • 67 year old with a history of falling, wants to be safe walking to and from work

Athletic Therapists and Massage Therapists are trained in injury prevention, and although it is not the most common reason people seek out treatment, it might be a good choice for you.

See how we can help you reduce the risk of injury, before you get hurt.

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